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Photos are finally starting to be published!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but rest assured, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes! As I mentioned in my last post, my goal was to edit down each elevator site down to between four and six photos, and to also finish photographing the last few sites I hadn’t visited and re-shoot a number of sites. Well, I’ve managed to narrow down the majority of my shoots to six photos (this has proved to be a much harder process than I thought, as I’ve taken at least 40 photos at most every site!), and have begun the editing process. I’ve also managed to make it to a number of those sites I hadn’t visited yet, and have begun some of my re-shoots. In fact, I had a great day of photography yesterday, when I re-shot elevators at La Salle, Domain, and St. Jean, as well as shooting elevators at Carey and Niverville, which were a couple of the remaining locations I had not yet photographed.

The big news, however, is that I’ve FINALLY started putting some of my finished work up on my site! You can click on the Galleries tab on the menu at the top of the page to see my work. I’ve only got a few sites up right now, but I’ll be putting up more and more over the next few weeks… so keep your eyes peeled here for updates! I hope you enjoy my work!

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