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Busy day – 12 more sites published!

Being a teacher (which is my full-time job) doesn’t often leave a lot of extra time in one’s schedule after the school day is done, as a lot of lesson preparation and assessing students’ work occurs in the evenings (especially the last few weeks, as I was writing second term report cards). However, it’s Spring Break this week (woohoo!), so it was my goal to make some serious headway on publishing some more of the sites I’ve photographed. Even though it’s only the first day of the break, I’ve been able to do that, as I’ve just finished publishing photographs of elevators from the following twelve sites: Elgin, Elkhorn, Fannystelle, Forrest, Gregg, Harte, Kenville, Libau, Mariapolis, Meadows, Tilston, and Virden. I hope you’ll check them out (make sure to click on the Galleries tab at the top of the page) – cheers!

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Another four sites have been posted

Slowly but surely, I am chipping away at this monumental project. My work tonight has resulted in four more sites being posted: Elva, Lenore, Netley, and St. Agathe. It’s a mix of the old and the new, as Netley and St. Agathe were amongst my earlier sites visited, back in 2009. The Elva photos were taken in the summer of 2011, while the elevator at Lenore was shot in January of 2012. As any of you who regularly travel down Highway 75 probably know, the elevator in St. Agathe sadly met its demise a couple of years ago. Progress, apparently…

Anyway, please check out these newly posted photos, along with all of my previously posted shots, by clicking on the ‘Galleries’ tab at the top of the page – cheers!

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