Trials and tribulations

Hello… at last! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog. However, don’t take that to mean that there hasn’t been work going on behind the scenes – in fact, the exact opposite has been true, as I’ve been spending months and months going through my own set of trials and tribulations in trying to ensure that everything on my website is ‘top notch’. Last year, after I had uploaded pictures from 38 sites, I ordered some prints off of the website, to check out the quality. Well, I was quite disappointed at the results, as there was a lot of posterization (or ‘pixelation’, as it’s sometimes called) on the prints I had gotten back. After some detective work on my part, I realized that, somehow, lower resolution versions of the images had uploaded to the website, instead of the full-size pictures I had intended. I spent months trying to find a fix for the problem, but I wasn’t able to. Finally, as a last resort, I contacted the help desk at Smugmug, which is the photo hosting service I use. They got back to me in less than a day, and helped me figure out a solution to the problem! As a teacher, I find that students will often display a ‘learned helplessness’ when it comes to solving problems. In this case, however, the opposite was true – it was my insistence (or ‘stubbornness’, some might say!) on finding a solution to the problem myself that was holding things up. I guess it’s good to ask for help once in a while! Anyway, after spending a couple of evenings and a rainy afternoon today working on the site, I’m happy to say that my images that appear on the website are all now full-size versions, as I had originally intended all along. I had to take a few sites down, for quality reasons (and they have been added to my ‘re-shoot’ list), but I managed to get a few more up (Bradwardine, Brookdale, Lyleton, Reston), in their place.

One last piece of business: when you go to ‘Sites Photographed’ page, all of the sites that have been posted in the gallery have now been hyperlinked. What that means is that when you click on the name of a site that appears in blue, you’ll be taken directly to the page for that site in the gallery – this will make looking for specific sites easier for everyone. Again, thanks for your patience – I’m looking forward to getting a lot more sites up by the end of June. Cheers!

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