Monthly Archives: June 2014

4 more sites! 4 more sites!

I’ve just finished uploading elevator photographs from another four sites: Coulter, Elm Creek, Goodlands, and Marquette. To see them, click on the ‘Galleries’ tab at the top of the page – as of this writing, I’ve now posted photographs of elevators from 54 sites in Manitoba published on Prairie Lighthouses… with even more coming soon!

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Back on track – 10 more sites published!

I had a productive afternoon today, as I published another 10 sites: Arborg, Cartwright, Cromer, Dalny, McConnell, Swan River, The Pas, Teulon, Warren, and Waskada (click on the ‘Galleries’ tab to check them out, along with my other sites). I’ve been itching to get back to publishing photos, but I had to finish writing my students’ June report cards first (which I finished yesterday). This brings the total number of sites I’ve published thus far to 48. Over the next couple of months, you should be seeing quite a few more sites popping up on here – keep your eyes peeled!

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