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Always learning; 4 more sites

When I started this project, I don’t think I realized how much learning I’d have to do along the way. Sure, I knew there was a lot I didn’t know that I’d have to figure out, but the phrase ‘Sometimes you don’t know how much you don’t know.’ really came to mind today. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but when I initially started this project, I used iPhoto to store my pictures. Shortly after I started, I switched the using Aperture, as I wanted some more control in how I was going to edit my pictures. Since then, I’ve been editing everything stored in Aperture, thinking that I’d worry about the photos in iPhoto once I had published all of the ones I had in Aperture. Well, the last photos I published on the site were the last ones I had in Aperture, so I needed to figure out how to deal with my iPhoto photos in Aperture. Needless to say, it wasn’t quite as easy as I had assumed it would be (or as easy as my research on the web had allowed me to believe). I finally discovered the solution today – I can’t quite organize them on my computer as I’d like (because of this, my stubbornness/OCD caused me to search for a solution for a couple of weeks longer), but the important thing is that I have now figured out how to edit my iPhoto photos in Aperture, and to publish them on my website, where they are organized by site, just like all of the previous ones… and isn’t that what’s really important?!

To make a long story short, after figuring out what I needed to figure out, I’ve published four more sites: Angusville, Beulah, Isabella, and Silverton, which puts us at 70 sites published (yay!). Please check them out, especially Angusville. Those photos are from approx. two and a half years ago – I happened on the site on a weekend, and it appears as if the site was in the middle of a demolition. One elevator was completely torn down, with a lot of the debris remaining, while the other elevator looked on, awaiting its inevitable fate. It was a surreal, sad, and hauntingly beautiful experience – if I was a better writer, I’d write a much more detailed recount, but I prefer to do my talking through my camera. I hope you ‘enjoy’ the photos…

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Chipping away… and presenting!

So… it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but rest assured, I’ve continued to chip away at this for the past few months. I photographed some more sites over the summer, and plan to do a few more days of shooting this fall. I’ve also edited and published some more sites – I’m up to 66 different sites now! Remember, you can access them by going to the ‘Sites Photographed’ page, and clicking on any (highlighted) name to go directly to view the images from that location, or click on the ‘Galleries’ tab, and browse through them all.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been asked to speak today at ‘IGNITE your passion for Discovery’ on the topic of this elevator project. This event is sponsored by Discovery Education, and there will be 10 educators who will be speaking about things they’ve ‘discovered’ that drive their innovation and creativity. I won’t have a lot of time, as IGNITE talks are 5 minute presentations where each presenter gets only 5 minutes to talk (20 slides; 15 seconds/slide) – I’ve never done one of these before, and the lineup of educators speaking tonight is fantastic, so I’m a little nervous… but we’ll see how it goes!

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